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You have already set up your Magento store online and now is the time to look at the growth you are getting at your online store. Regular growth of traffic at your site is what you can do with SEO and other aided programs now. However, these things must be supported with a proper safeguard in order to ensure that your Magento site is maximizing the opportunities available with you.

We, the Magento2Experts, are working with Magento sites for the last 6 years and are having the most expert team to support you in your task. We know exactly wherefrom the issues or problems can arise on any Magento site and that’s the key reason why we are the most trusted name in the market when support for Magento site is considered. Our professionals will not only sort out the issues and cure problems to make your site run smoothly but at the same time will also be guarding the site against all types of external attacks

Magento service contact

Our Magento Support includes

Simply declaring that we are the best will not do for you, and that should be the case with ours too. Hence, go through the service support that we will be providing you. Just choose us for the support and avail each of the below-mentioned supports.

Setting up your site

Setting up your website includes putting all the things in the right places, including the codes and the databases. Setting up your website is the most important aspect for better functioning of it. Your site is not under any threat till now, but that doesn’t mean that it is not going to be the case in the future. Hence, it is much better to get the things secured from now. If you can make that happen, you can remain sure that you are not going to face any hindrances in the coming future. Our support team considers this as their primary task and takes control over the different aspects of your site

What this set up means

The setup will include the following things for you

  •  We will be reviewing the codes of your site and will arrange them in a proper way, so that inclusion of new pages, products at your portal would never be an issue.
  •  The codes are not only essential to be arranged for enabling future edits, but this will be giving you an edge to sort out the errors in the coming days. When codes are arranged in a proper style, then a future error can be sorted out easily. To search down the error and rectify it, there is no need to get through all the codes of your page.
  •  Our set up support will also include the design of your store. It is the store design that is going to bring the ‘irresistible’ factor for your clients. So, this is the area where you should be very much concerned.
  •  In our set up support, we also take care of the database of yours. This includes all the vital information and they should have to be given the most priority in terms of protection. In another aspect too, this set up is essential for Magento site owners. It is the database that makes your site functioning smoother.
  •  The final thing that we provide aid is in the form of the server set up. You know this very well why and how much this aspect is important for your site performance.


Optimization support from us includes everything that is needed to make all your details symmetrical and synchronized.

Our next aid in terms of support is in the form of optimizing your portal. Keeping things optimized with the server, database and the graphics of the portal is essential, otherwise, it might happen that the search function at your site will not work properly, or the search results will not match the keywords inserted by your customers. In either of the cases, a negative impact of your site will be reflected on your customers, which can result in a loss of traffic too. Hence, our support team is always dedicated to giving the perfect optimization that will create a proper synchronization between your product database and your site server, between your graphics and your site performance.

Preventing the issues

Preventing issues is the support that we provide to make sure that your site never faces any issues, which it had not faced to date.

It has been seen that most of the time Magento users wait for the things to go wrong. While doing that it has been seen that Google has already blocked some of these sites for some threats. So, we suggest not waiting for things to go wrong. Our support team will be constantly monitoring your site and to do that they will create a schedule even. Schedule here is a necessity since the monitoring time can decrease your uptime and downtime and that might humiliation of your online customers. Hence, after going through the details of your traffic and their nature, our professionals do form a schedule which they follow to monitor your portal. By doing this, we ensure that your site is never going to face any major issues.

Managing the issues

We consider that you are approaching us means, your Magento site is under threat. So, we remain on our foot to extend our help 24/7 to you.

Our support can be availed through raising tickets, via phone, through Skype and even through email. In each of the cases, we remain ready to receive your request 24/7. We believe your need is urgent and thus our support team always remains ready to act fast for you. Not only solving the issues is our task, but we do believe that coordinating the updates of Magento and providing solutions to our clients is our primary task and we maintain that every time.


How you can avail support

It is fact that you get support from different companies only in terms of packages. However, some of the companies do feel the need to get customized and random support from us too. Keeping that in mind, we have segmented our support type in two ways. 

Support on the Go

Many times, it has been found that some of the companies do like to get support for one time. Finding this overview, we have developed a package that differs from everything. We will be taking a fixed charge for all the tasks that you need to do. It might happen that the charges have not been fully been applied for your ticket. The rest amount will be issued in the form of a coupon. When you approach us for the next time, this coupon value will be deducted from your next ticket cost. Here are some of the details that you will like to know about this ticket .

Easy to avail 

You will not have to go through any packages and need not to think about what you can need in your support and which one you need not. Just raise your ticket and let us know what you need.

Get service at a fixed rate 

Although our service does have different rates for different functions we do provide, but in this case, each issue will be charged the same. So, there is no need to think and to recheck the amount you will be spending. Getting a quote, deciding on the rate takes a lot of time and that often delays the service for you. However, this will not be the case here

Get a prepaid coupon

Although we charge the same for each of the issues with the same rate, while we complete the service for you, we will be providing you details of the support that your Magento site needed and the total cost that has been incurred. For the amount that remains left with us, we issue a prepaid coupon for you.

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Extensive service Packages from Us

When you avail a package, the things that you will get from us are as follows

Site Uptime

This is the need of yours to ensure that your customers are never humiliated as they reach your site. Hence we will be maintaining a 24/7 uptime for your site. This is the key aspect that you are going to get in our service.

24/7 Performance monitoring

A store site faces traffic from different parts of the globe and it means your site is under threat 24/7 – hence is the need of 24//7 maintenance. By doing this performance monitoring, your site functioning level will be increased to a different height and your customers would be very much pleased and satisfied.

Extensions & API  support 

we will be providing you timely support for the customization you need and also for the extensions, you apply on your site. In case, you need an application which is in the Pro version, we will be making the settings with the API key, which will be generated after you make the purchase.

Escalation of issues

We believe that your site has different issues and for that, we perform regular escalation of your issues and your portal. In that process, we regularly search for issues in your portal. By this checking, your site will always remain secured, from threats and from insecurities.

Support Ticket

Raise a support ticket anytime and our expert team is going to give the best help 24/7 for each ticket. We love to give support to our clients instantly as they raise tickets, as we believe that they are in real need, as they raised tickets.

Business Analysis

This is the final thing that is going to make the difference for you. You will get the exact support that you are in search of. As we provide you the business analysis, it will act as your marketing strategy development guidelines. You can then get your business perfected with proper identification of niches and proper evaluations of your audience’s demography. If you are planning to announce regular discounts and happy hours, then also the traffic report per hour will help you decide – when to provide the offer to get a better business turnover.