invest in PWA and take your Magento website to the next level

Ready to invest in PWA and take your Magento website to the next level? Here is what you must know!

PWA proposes an exciting opportunity to deliver a faster return on investment for online businesses. By integrating it with your eCommerce platform, you can seamlessly convert your website into a fully-functioning PWA in no time, and enter the market faster than ever, thus expecting an immediate impact on the bottom line. But before you officially put the money down, let us answer some common questions merchants have.

What are some of the benefits that PWA offers over a native app?

Not that long ago, the way to create engaging user experiences for smartphone and tablet users was coding native apps – apps designed to be used specifically on mobile and tablet devices. Such apps must be coded separately for different systems. Launching a native app that will function on Android and iOS requires creating two different code bases. If the solution was to be made available to desktop users, a third codebase would need to be created, since native apps obviously can’t normally function on PCs. This, in turn, means more resources going into coding, maintaining, and updating the app.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs for short) differ from native applications in that they are available cross-platform and cross-device. This means you can create, maintain, and update a single code base, and the app will be available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, across different operating systems. Unlike native apps, PWAs are available online via a web browser, just like a standard website, and do not need to be installed on the user’s phone. They are the next step in creating web-based experiences

Are there any advantages of using PWA for desktop users?

Many users believe that there aren’t many differences between using a normal website and PWA. But this is really not like that. PWA desktop apps have a range of significant advantages such as:

  • Quick transition to a PWA by clicking the link on social media websites
  • The ability to install an application is demonstrated if a user visits the website frequently and their machine is compatible with it
  • Applications are loaded in an instant ready to be utilized with the full range of functions available right out of the box
  • The progressive applications occupy less space on the hard drive than common programs — it is because they take advantage of the web-browser’s powers to run. This way, the PWA desktop app is extremely light-weight and yet it launches in mere seconds even in slow networks.
  • They have the push-notifications and autonomous mode options
  • They can run on any modern operating system whether it be macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, or iOS and supported by most of the modern web-browsers. Though, it is recommended to use Google Chrome to avoid potential issues with comparability.

Business owners should especially take notice of PWA. The innovation opens such possibilities as reaching up to a potential user’s device without having to rely on proprietary app stores, giving users the ability to reach your website offline — an extremely convenient function for online-stores and other enterprises, considerably increasing the loading time of your website page, as well as sending potential clients push-notifications.

Do you need PWA if you never invested in building your store’s app?

PWA features are uniquely capable of optimizing the conduct of any business. The breadth of user coverage, offline access, ease of installation and use, cross-platform development, and the increased download speed of information – these factors have a positive effect on the conversion and site traffic. So, this solution is suitable for almost any type of business, regardless of whether it has a native app or not.

How much initial investment is required to get a PWA up & running?

If the plans are more ambitious and you want to implement a progressive web application in an online store or on a corporate website, the best option would be to turn to professional ecommerce developers. You will definitely benefit from this since in this case, a software company will provide qualifications, experience, and responsibility, which are the best guarantees of the success of your project. After the first step, your efforts will probably be paid off with increased conversion rates.

Does PWA only work with the latest version of the Magento platform?

PWA can work with both Magento 1 and Magento 2. If you have Magento 1 up and running, integrated with all the backend systems, maybe it’s worth considering adding PWA features by just connecting PWA Studio with your existing framework. By following this approach, you’ll be able to update the platform however you want in the future while keeping the modern, progressive frontend layer in place.

PWA offers an opportunity to reshape customer interactions with your brand, which ultimately boosts conversion and bottom line. With improved performance and usability, PWA makes sure your hard-earned customers stay engaged and convert. If you want to get started on your PWA journey, give us a call today. Our expert Magento developers can get your Magento powered PWA store up and running in no time, enabling you to benefit from this amazing new technology in the space of eCommerce right away.

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