Magento Multi Store &Website Setup Service

Magento Multi Store & Website Setup Service by MageComp helps you create and manage multiple stores or websites from a single admin panel of Magento installation.

  • 5 additional auto add promo actions
  • Informative banners on product pages
  • Auto add only in-stock products
  • Works with coupon codes and mobile optimized
  • Ability to add free and non-free products
  • 4 product types support

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Are you having multiple online Magento 1 or Magento 2 stores extended at different locations with various products, pricing plans and customer base? Is it unmanageable to streamline them all together? MageComp has come up with Magento Multi Store & Website Setup service to create multiple stores or websites from a single admin panel of Magento installation to ease up managing. It is the most useful architecture of Magento which reduces your time and efforts to manage. By setting up multi stores or website, store owners get opportunities to provide customers with wide options of products to choose from.

Benefits of Magento Multi Store & Website Setup:

  • You can set different theme for each individual store to match up with products or services you sell
  • Ability to set products appearance on specific stores
  • Ability to setup various language, currency, payment options, shipping options, tax classes for each store
  • Divide your customer base for each store

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