Magento Security Patches Installation Service

We can help you installing Magento Security Patches SUPEE 1533, SUPEE 5344, SUPEE 5994, SUPEE 6285, SUPEE 6482, SUPEE 6788, SUPEE 7405, SUPEE 7616 & SUPEE 8788 etc.


NOTE: Please check for the patches which are not installed from , SUPEE 8788 needs all previous patches installed and prices will be charged accordingly.

  • 5 additional auto add promo actions
  • Informative banners on product pages
  • Auto add only in-stock products
  • Works with coupon codes and mobile optimized
  • Ability to add free and non-free products
  • 4 product types support

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Magento being a modern cloud platform is well-known for its e-commerce development. It has always kept itself up-to-date by improving its design and giving protection against any malware attacks. Timely Magento has also provided security patches to resist one’s store from being hacked. But people used to consider it very lightly and did not feel the need of installing it. Once Neutrino exploits kit was attacking Magento oriented sites due to which Google blocked more than 8100 websites. So, it is highly recommendable to install security patches.

There are several issues which you may face while installing security patches. So, here comes MageComp to your rescue. We have come up with the intention to take care of the security system of Magento. Hence, we are providing installation service for Security Patches to secure your Magento store. Our dedicated experts will install SUPEE patches in your online stores and help you enhance the performance of your website. We are offering “Free” installation for SUPEE 1533. As new patches installation is more complex and time-consuming, so we charge an economical amount for installing new patches.

Benefits of Choosing MageComp’s Magento Security Patches Installation Service:

  • We assure the security of your Magento store.
  • The experts manage the data loss/misuse and several other problems.
  • Our installers are punctual in delivering their work.
  • Dedicated support from the team whenever needed.
  • Timely updates of the latest security patch to get installed.

With this service, you can make your Magento store highly secure and can prevent it from threats.

MageComp not only works on the and but we care for the security of the Magento system as well, hence we are offering installation service for Security Patches to secure your Magento store.

We offer FREE installation for SUPEE 1533 but new patches needs more efforts and time to install correctly, and so we are charging a nominal fee for installing them.

If you are known to Magento, you can follow our guidelines on

Make your Magneto store more secure, and keep hackers away from your store.

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