Professional Installation

We will install the Magento extensions for you.

  • 5 additional auto add promo actions
  • Informative banners on product pages
  • Auto add only in-stock products
  • Works with coupon codes and mobile optimized
  • Ability to add free and non-free products
  • 4 product types support

$50.00 $39.00

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Professional Installation

Are you thinking of buying for your store but don’t know how to install Magento Extension or need help while Extension Installation? After purchasing Extension, several times it happens that your Newly purchase Extension is conflicting with existing one or cause an error that may even affect your existing Live store or can crash your existing store functionality. And it cant serve value to your store if Extension is not installed properly with care. Hence you need the help of a professional or you have to who can complete your installation process. Instead of that, it’s better to use such Professional Extension Installation Service that can make ease for your store.
Thus, Magecomp is offering Professional Extension Installation Service to its customers where customers can quickly get their Extensions installed to their Magento store whether it is Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x. The customers need not worry about any installation process issues at all. Our expert developers will install any third-party extensions and will make sure that it works correctly.

Why choose Magecomp for professional installation?
We have experienced Magento Developers who have a piece of in-depth knowledge about it. Because they have encountered and solved such critical issues before, they can easily solve such problems and can serve help to those who are not able to correctly complete the installation process.

How does it work?
After receiving your request, we will notify you immediately about the received request.
Shortly our Support team will get in touch with you for gathering details of your Magento store where you want to install an extension.
Then, we will allocate one developer who will perform installation, who will report about the successful installation process.

What about after Support?
Only the extension related issues will be resolved under the support.

Below services are NOT covered with the given support:
1. Compatibility check between Magento and other extensions
2. Extension modification or customization
3. Third-party developer consultations

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