Speed Optimization

Magento Performance Optimization Service helps provide better shopping experience to your customers by speeding up your Magento stores

  • 5 additional auto add promo actions
  • Informative banners on product pages
  • Auto add only in-stock products
  • Works with coupon codes and mobile optimized
  • Ability to add free and non-free products
  • 4 product types support


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Your online success is measured by the number of sales you made compared to your competitors. From website visit to conversion, speed or load time of your website has a crucial part as a deciding factor. According to studies, more than 40% of the visitors abandon due to higher load time. If your load time is more than that, abandon ration rises heavily. What you have on hand is a few seconds to catch your potential visitors. Magento Performance Optimization Service by MageComp works really hard to bring down your load time for faster website loads and thus withholds customers to go off to your competitor’s website.

We ensure to get the required minimum load time for your website to make your visitors happy and encourage them to come back again and again. By mixing numerous speeding techniques, we provide proven results according to Google Page Speed and YSlow standards.

Magento Performance Optimization Service from MageComp includes:

  • Web server checks: Checking for Configuration, vulnerability and fine-tuning for your web servers.
  • Caching: Fine-tuning caching.
  • Media Optimization: Image, content and other media data optimization to improve performance.
  • Database Optimization: Configuring database properly, read-write database separation.
  • CSS and JavaScript: Minifying CSS and JavaScript for better performance.
  • Magento code optimization: Default and other Magento core code optimization.
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