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The biggest problem that you face in case your web development is communication. You might have missed to state us an issue, while you handed over the same to us. No issue at all! We are available 24/7 for you. Get in touch with us anytime and ensure that you find all the problems resolved from us.

FAQ’s about our service

Here are the common and often asked questions that our clients do ask. We feel that you have your costly time with you and hence placed all the questions with our answers so that you feel ease to provide us the assignment.

When a ticket is raised, by what time they are resolved?

We proudly declare that our service is for 24/7. As soon as you raise a ticket, our agent will get in touch with you and will learn about the issues you do have. Apart from what you can mention to us, our professional will give a deep glance at your portal and will approach you next stating all the issues

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you do have. Once you allow us to perform, we take not more than 30 minutes to resolve the issue for you.

Can I make a payment after getting the service?

No, you will have to make a payment earlier. Your payment ensures our agents and motivates them to solve the issue perfectly. However, if they still cannot resolve the issues, which never happened till now, we will make an instant refund to you.

How to communicate with my agent?

We provide a system where all your ticket details remain stored. The ticket itself has all the details in it about the agent and you can get in touch with him anytime you need to. Apart from this, you can also make direct contact with our agents, dedicated to your service through ticket emails. This is mostly used to give an update about your issues. All your updates will automatically be included in the ticket and hence there is no need to think about whether the later stated issues will be resolved or not. We work to actually resolve your issues and that is our main motive.

Do you solve WORDPRESS issue?

We serve all possible issues regarding WORDPRESS. This can be regarding any extensions or can also be regarding some paid theme of WORDPRESS. The process to apply the same is similar to that of Magento – you need to raise a ticket.

What is your rate for solving WORDPRESS issues?

Our fixed rate for solving WORDPRESS issues is 39 dollars. In one ticket, you can insert one issue and can include an infinite number of issues, but the rate is for each task.

By what time will you solve the issues in 39$?

In the case of WORDPRESS, the timing depends on the task that has been assigned. At times, they can be resolved in minutes. Again at times, it takes hours to resolve the same, but whatever the timing is, rates remain fixed for each task.

Does 39$ include everything?

Almost all issues of WORDPRESS are included in the 39$, except two functions. Removals of Malware and Virus for WORDPRESS and Speeding up your WORDPRESS site are the two things which include rigorous activities. Except in these two cases, all other tasks will cost you only 39$ and that is a fixed rate.

What details I will have to provide for fixing the issues?

Four things are needed for our agents to work on your WORDPRESS site. This includes your login details – these are the keys to enter your room, the FTP details, control panel particulars, and Host details. If you are willing us to work on some paid themes or some extensions, the above details are sufficient, unless the themes or extensions are not external. If they are external, then we need their credentials too. All these are meant to give a better look at the faults you are facing and remain assured that there is no vulnerability of data theft or data loss from our side.

Do you provide support for any other platform that Magento 2?

No, our service is thoroughly dedicated to providing support for Magento 2 only. However, this very support includes your WORDPRESS portal too, where themes, extensions, and plug-ins all are included. Host details of your WORDPRESS are essential for us to work on. Other than that, we will not be able to provide you the support for fixing the issues.

Can you provide me the address of your business?

Yes, the address has been mentioned below – the complete mailing details and the registered address. Our main office is at Irvine of California in the USA.

How long are you there in the service?

We are serving for Magento sites since 2012. In the beginning, we did provide support only for Magento 1, but now we serve for Magento 2.

With how many agents, you provide the service?

The total number of agents we have is 8 and all of them work remotely for you. They stay in different shifts so that we can provide you the support 24/7. The aim of the company is 100% customer satisfaction and the same is conveyed in our agents too.

Guarantees we do provide

Just get through the guarantees we do provide in simple terms –

  • Fixed Charges – You will never be asked for any extra amount, after completing your work. You will make us the payment earlier and that is based on the quote.
  • Instant Response – We provide 24/7 service in a real This will never happen that we received your ticket one day and responded to it on another day. We have agents at all shifts, ready to aid your issues. As you raise the ticket, they will respond soon.
  • We Resolve Issues – We won’t call him support, where you will pay us and we will give a try only. We believe that you reached us as you needed support. Hence our motive is to resolve your issue. At times, it might take some more time, but resolving the issue is our ultimate objective.
  • Money-Back – We think that we don’t deserve payment for a try. That is the reason that we make a 100% refund on our failure to resolve your issue.
  • Value to our Clients – We do give the most value to our clients and not on the payments. That is why we have fixed the charges so that each and every client can be deemed to us as the same.

Now, you have a complete overview about us. Who we are; where we are and how we do all have been made transparent to you even. We believe that our clients must trust us first and then assign a task to us. That is the core reason to provide deep details of everything, we follow. Now is the time to raise your ticket. Just collect everything you feel are the issues for you and raise the ticket. Our agents are waiting to deal with your ticket right now.