Top 10 best websites based on Magento 2

Magento holds the well-deserved place of one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally, with nearly a quarter of merchants running their online shops on it. Boasting competitive price, a large number of built-in features, scalability, and a strong global community, it is no wonder that both large and small companies love it so much.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of ten of the most popular global brands that rely on Magento as their platform of choice for online retail.

1.HP Inc.

HP Inc. is known as an international company that specializes in manufacturing laptops, workstations, printers, including LaserJet and InkJet printers, as well as 3D solutions. Founded in 2015 as a division of Hewlett-Packard Company, HP Inc. has become a separate manufacturer with its headquarters in Singapore and 3000 employees on staff.

The company chose to run its stores on Magento because this e-commerce platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide range of HP’s clientele: from individuals, searching for a home computer, to entrepreneurs, who require specific corporate solutions. If you compare HP’s websites for Indonesia https://www.hpshopping.id/en/, Thailand https://www.hpstorethailand.com/en/, and China https://www.hpstore.cn/, you will notice the same layout with a very similar design. Readable fonts and clear structure of the main catalog page do not distract a visitor but instead provides the most necessary product info.

2. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian manufacturer of gear and clothing for sports and work since 1877. Founded by a sea captain who tried to invent proper clothing to protect himself from cold weather, the brand has become trusted by the world’s professionals.

Magento empowers Helly Hansen with the ability to successfully run over 30 online shops of about 35,000 products each. All stores, be it B2B oriented or serving individual shoppers’ needs, have a unified look but are deeply personalized through Magento multi-language and multi-currency functionality. Magento provides the enterprise with various payment and shipping methods, localized product availability for 19 countries, which helps the company to earn the reputation of a trusted worldwide retailer.

3. JCB

JCB is a world-famous organization with headquarters in Great Britain, producing and selling machines and equipment for any type of construction and agriculture, demolition, and waste handling. Since its foundation in 1945, the company has grown into an industry giant, that has 22 factories: Europe, Asia, South and North America, etc. JCB manufactures 300 types of diggers, tractors, excavators and sells them in 150 countries.

In 2017, the company implemented a Magento based online catalog of spare parts in order to simplify the procedure of doing business with JCB. After four months of work, the catalog of 250,000 items for various machines appeared to the public. Magento allowed JCB website to have a set of helpful features, which made the search process intuitive and easy: spare parts can be found by part number, serial number, or a machine model.

4. Canon

There is no need to be a specialist in photography to know what Canon is. A famous imaging corporation that inspires amateurs and professionals globally to explore the world by capturing it in photographs.

Not many people know that the Australian division of Canon used to experience certain difficulties with going online. In 2013 Canon launched a new Magento-based online store to empower its clients with the option to buy directly from the website. Apart from Canon products, one can find bags, tripods, stabilizers, memory cards, and photography accessories supplied by partner brands. Equipped with perfect imaginary, the store is a huge photography resource that provides a complete range of services and goods alongside explanatory videos, reviews, and photo books. The visitor can easily check products compatibility, which is of high demand especially among amateurs. Another peculiar feature the website can praise is immediate assistance to anyone who wants to get started on photography. Instead of picking and comparing cameras, lenses, and memory cards, advisory cross-sell functionality offers a customer a recommended set of accessories for beginners.

5. Seat

Founded in 1950, Seat has evolved into a well-known Spanish manufacturer of automobiles. Since 1986, it has been a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Seat positions itself as a manufacturer of cars for young people who are meant to spend a lot of time with their mobile devices.

In this regard, Magento 2 gives the company a full set of mobile-responsive functionality, which allows Seat to sustain its awareness among mobile users. If you visit Seat.de on your mobile device, you will note how fast pages load. Beautiful and readable text blocks contain only essential information. High contrasting color palette with no distractions overall, makes the site navigation easy and user-friendly.

6. Monin

Having more than 100 years of expertise, Monin is renowned as an expert in manufacturing drinks like smoothies, syrups, concentrated flavors, cocktail mixes, beverage concentrates, sauces, and sweeteners. With a selection of 200 flavors, various recipes, and accessories on board, the Magento-based webstore demonstrates fast load speed and excellent navigation through its clear and clean design solution.

The content-rich website works perfectly both for individuals and B2B clientele. Together with Products, Recipes, and Blog with numerous how-to videos and regular culinary posts attracting individuals, Monin as well offers an exclusive portal for their industry partners. Visit their categories Culinary, Tips and Techniques to learn about full-flavored trends and secrets of cooking posted by professionals. Magento multi-language functionality becomes indispensable in terms of Monin expansion of the world’s markets.

7. Nike

Nike is another big name in e-commerce. Being the world’s major manufacturer and supplier of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment, Nike also uses Magento solutions for its online presence. When browsing a Nike online store, one can note an amazing feature that is eye-catching and apparently bribes a shopper. To offer better customer experience, Nike implemented a product configurator tool into its web stores. The shoppers, who are searching for some specific goods, say a unique pair of shoes, are able to create a product’s design themselves. Each time a customer picks or changes certain characteristics of the product, its picture alters in accordance with their choice. So, in a few easy hits, even the pickiest customer gets a personalized design of the product. Even longer shipping time does not put off clients from having bespoke designs.

8. Jack Daniel’s

Brown-Forman Corporation is among the world’s leading companies that sell spirits. Founded in 1870, this American brand has gained global awareness because of its high-quality products and service. Jack Daniel’s is the well-known company’s flagship and is the best-selling product worldwide. A responsive and content-rich Magento-based website is not only a means of promotion. It shows the authenticity of Jack Daniel’s via storytelling in a very friendly manner.

As you enter the website through the age-gate, the brand starts engaging you by creating a specific welcoming atmosphere. The store is equipped with a mix-maker, which assists the visitor with creating unique recipes depending on a type of spirit, occasion, and tastes preferred. Clean and smooth website design has nothing distracting from the essence. A customer can get his bottle registered, receive a personalized engraving on it, or even select their very own barrel of Jack Daniel’s collection and have it bottled.

9. Jaguar and NCG

NCG (the Nic. Christiansen Group) is one of the major automotive companies, selling such vehicles as Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda, and Hyundai in the Scandinavian marketplace. Since November 2016, it has also been a retailer of Jaguar’s I-PACE model throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Baltic States.

The website, created for the first Jaguar’s fully-electric car, is Magento-based. It offers customers an intuitive four-step progress bar that starts with selecting the basic model. When walking through the purchase, the client picks the preferred details, selects the color palette, and the store calculates the price on each stage. So, together with the price, the client can see his personally created design. The web store functionality as well as empowers clients with the ability to choose the payment method and a dealer.

10. Ahmad Tea

Founded in 1986 in England, Ahmad Tea Ltd. has been a famous family business growing teas in China, India, and Sri-Lanka and selling them worldwide. The company distributes teas to 80 countries on each continent. One can find Ahmad Tea products in foodservice outlets and specialty shops around the world. Its Magento-based online store stands out with not only a wide range of teas, beverage recipes, a selection of bespoke glassware and interesting articles, but also a partnership program for cafes, restaurants, caterers, and hotels. Through implemented Magento features like personalized search, cross-sell, assistance in choosing gifts and mixes of teas, the store is no longer a place to purchase tea, but a valuable resource of fine goods and inspiration for tea-lovers.

Learning how many world-famous brands implement Magento, you can get inspired and start your own online business with this platform as well. At Magento2Experts, out an experienced team of developers can help you bring your e-commerce ideas to life. For more information on how we can help your business reach new heights, get in touch with us today.

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