Why should I upgrade to Magento 2? top 9 reasons to consider upgrading to Magento 2


Top 9 Reasons To Consider Upgrading to Magento 2

If you are running an e-commerce store, you need a platform that makes upgrading easy. This is because not upgrading your e-commerce website can put your store at danger. It is because no e-commerce platform is up to the mark. As, New bugs come up daily and when they are discovered, they are usually reported to the team that built the software. This work normally requires the release of a new version that resolves the issue. When your platform is not easy to update, you will be facing security issues and this can be exploited. It might slow down your store or create attempts for people to break into them. The solution? Upgrade to

upgrade to Magento 2 with expert Magento 2 developers. there will always be a continuous method to improve the platform and provide security patches to assist merchants to stay secure. This necessitates the release of new versions from time to time. The upgrade helps to improve e-commerce experience for you and your customers. When your customer experience is enhanced, it will raise your sales through increased efficiency. This will create an enjoyable experience for your customers. Moreover, when your customers are happy they will keep coming back to buy more and more from your store.

 Magento 2 Overview

Magento 2 was released in 2015 and is giving its best as they promised of being a much enhanced and optimized version of the Magento 1 platform.  Magento 2’s upgraded performance and new features provide the customers with a faster, easier shopping experience.

While, the Magento 1 will remain to be officially supported with security issues patched until November 2018, although no new features will be added.  That signifies that if you are making the most important changes to your Magento store, you should thoughtfully consider upgrading to Magento 2 as part of those changes.

In this article, we will highlight the important and some major benefits of Magento 2 that you can promptly take benefit from.

Speed improvement in Magento 2

The most important improvement made by Magento developers is speed. Speed was among the main concerns of the Magento merchants as it caused many dropouts. Magento 2 is now able to load pages 50% faster and perform the checkout process 38% faster than previous versions. The improved code has now reduced the page loading time to a maximum of 2 seconds, eliminating the bounce rate and cart abandonment caused by slow page loading. In addition, Magento 2 can take 117% more orders and manage 2.1 million more pages per hour than previous versions. This allowed Magento 2 to guarantee higher conversion rates and a better UX than in the past.

  • Performance in Magento 2

Above everything else, Performance enhancement is the number one reason you should consider upgrading to Magento 2. With its proper hosting setup which allows it to deliver nearly an instant server response times for catalog browsing. Also, Magento 2.x can now manage 10 million catalog page views an hour compared to only 500,000-page views per hour as supported by the Magento 1 platform. What’s more interesting is that Magento 2.x comes with native support for full-page cashing (FPC) and Varnish. From last few years, people have used Varnish as an HTTP accelerator and now Magento can support Varnish by default. Unlike Magento 2.x, now supports PHP 7 which is one of the most important reasons for the explosive performance improvements.

  • Ajax Add-To-Cart Feature in Magento 2


In Magento 2 Ajax add-to-cart eliminates the need to reload the entire content of the entire page. In Magento 2, Ajax carts use JavaScript to add an item to the purchaser’s cart without reloading the whole page, which puts less load on your hosting hardware and the result is a more responsive experience for your customers.

  • Magento 2 Cache improvement

Previously, Caching systems store commonly accessed page elements to serve them faster to your visitors. The new Magento 2 has now much improved the caching system and which consist of native support for caching technologies like Varnish (Varnish is a popular HTTP accelerator).

  • Magento PHP 7 optimization

PHP is the built programming language of Magento. While, Magento 2 is optimized for PHP 7, which gives it more superior enhanced performance than previous PHP versions.

  • Improved Data View and Filtering in Magento 2

Magento has added a very powerful data grid view to the administrator of Magento 2. With this improved data viewing, each admin can modify their information views to suit their individual needs. These prompts to clean, uncluttered interfaces and guarantees that you can see the data that you need to see. Magento has also added the capacity to rapidly filter data based on any of the attributes that you have enabled in your data view.

  • Streamlined Dashboards in Magento 2

The Magento 2 admin panel is user-friendly and unbelievably intuitive. Not only does it allow finding data easily, but it also makes navigation throughout the website easier than ever before. The comprehensive admin panel is what Magento 1 lacked. But in Magento 2 admin panel shows cumulative lifetime sales, average orders, last orders, revenue taxes, bestsellers, shipping, and quantity, etc.

  • Magento 2 is Mobile Friendly

Many Years ago, when you can only browse on your computer. But with improved technology now, you can browse on mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, watches, etc. Therefore, there is no better time to ensure that you have an e-commerce website that is more mobile-friendly than now. With Magneto 2, it has mobile-friendly responsive design reference themes and mobile-friendly checkout. In Magento 2 you can create e-commerce websites that are supported by different devices including mobile using any screen resolutions. You can also create mobile-friendly apps. Magento 2 has easy to use apps that will increase your conversation rate and make your business grow in no time. Plus, the Magento 2 admin panel is touch-screen friendly. This makes it easier to manage your store using your mobile devices and tablets.

  • Magento 2 Dashboard

In the new system, you can find the most important information in one place. As, the Dashboard gives you an overview of lifetime sales with average order amount, last orders, and top search terms. You can see the most viewed products, new customers, etc. It also shows the financial data, so you can see the overall state of your business in the blink of an eye.

  • Instant purchase Feature

This feature helps customers to place orders more quickly and easily without going through the usual checkout process. When a customer makes a purchase from a website and then click on the instant purchase button on the product detail page, it will be redirected to a confirmation page where they can place their order directly. Plus this instant purchase uses Braintree Vault which is available on Braintree credit card, Braintree PayPal and PayPal Payflow pro for stored payment information. This helps to cut down the amount of time it will take to place an order by 90 percent. It is ideal for mobile shopping as it makes it seamlessly more easy to place orders.

In Conclusion

As we highlighted the improved features of Magento 2 and benefits that you can’t resist. Magento 2 has more advance improvement regarding performance and scalability, with it’s  enhanced checkout process that makes it painstakingly easy for people to buy from you, it is mobile friendly, which means your customers can assess your website on mobile devices as well, it is easy to upgrade so your e-commerce store always stay secured and upgraded with new features and it has a lot of key integrations (extensions) you can use to boost your e-commerce conversions. Now, it is time for you to upgrade to Magento 2 so that you can enjoy the benefits enumerated above and many more. Ready to upgrade your e-commerce platform to Magento 2 right now? Please leave send us an email on  The Store Team or you can message or call for more information. Our professional team of developers will assist you further. At Store Team we have been developing e-commerce sites for over 8+ years. We are a Magento Professional Team with knowledgeable and qualified professional developers to make the upgrading to Magento 2 easier. We would like to have the opportunity to discuss your interest in Magento 2.

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